Houseplant Diaries – Bedroom Edition


Let’s talk about houseplants!! Aren’t they just the best? They spice up any space, making it feel cosy and trendy, they manage to purify the air and they are just fun to look after! It’s funny looking back on one of my older posts about how I got excited over my new fake plants because I wasn’t good at caring for real ones. Oh, how I have grown.

favourite ways to feel cosy


hello and welcome to another blog post! Today, as it is winter in Australia and I am doing my very best to stay warm, I thought I would share some tips on how I like to feel cosy and warm in the winter time! They are just a few simple ones which I’m sure everyone does, but I just thought I would share mine because I love being all things snuggly 🙂

Spicy Advicey – How to feel more organised

lifestyle, SPICY ADVICEY

Hey there and welcome to this blog post! Today this post is going to be all about how to feel a little bit more organised! Exams have just finished this semester for me, and I know how important it is to feel organised during this busy time. So here are just a few little tips and tricks I like to do, enjoy!